This isn’t a sample library. It’s a production tool.

Gain access to over 400,000 meticulously recorded shaker, tambourine, and hi-hat loops & one-shots. Recorded at every possible tempo, in three unique feels, with multiple legendary microphones, starting at $5.99/mo.

Make your music feel better.



This isn’t just a sample library. It’s a production tool.

Gain access to over 400,000 meticulously recorded shaker, tambourine, and hi-hat loops. Recorded at every possible tempo, in three unique feels, with multiple legendary microphones.

Make your music feel better.

How It


The DNA of Groove

Choose Your Instrument

Programming hi-hats, shakers, and tambourines with that organic human feel? Impossible.

Introducing the largest collection of live hi-hat, tambourine and shaker loops ever recorded. 

Simply drag and drop into your latest production.


Never worry about BPM again

Choose Your Tempo

It took a long time, but we recorded every loop at every possible tempo. 

And they all feel incredible.

The nasty artifacts of time stretching? Gone.


Instant Groove

Choose Your Feel

We recorded every loop in three unique feels.

Is your groove straight?
Somewhere in the cracks?
Fully swung?

You’re covered.


Unlimited Possibilities

Choose Your Pattern

We recorded hundreds of patterns in each feel.

You will be able to find the perfect selection of loops to bring your productions to life. 

Inspire new ideas with the click of a button.


Ultimate Sonic Flexibility

Choose Your Microphone

The final step. You get to choose…

Every loop was recorded with multiple legendary microphones. 

Grab the mixed loops, or have fun tweaking the raw WAV files.


Hear it in Action

Bring your music to life.



"Are you kidding me bro?! These feel right and the sound is ridiculous!"

Chris Bailey
Britney Spears, Chaka Kahn, Nick Jonas, Boy George

Justin Kudding Headshot

"One Up Loops have the best sounding percussion loops by far, with an undeniable sense of groove and pocket. When that's combined with ease of use, you have what can only be described as a producer's best friend. From pre-production to finished product, I use these loops at every stage and can't imagine a production without them."

Justin Kudding
Brett Kissel, High Valley, Amanda Lindsey Cook

"Live percussion and drums are what make any production truly unique and special. Utilizing these loops has taken my music to another level."

Hip-hop producer / Indie film composer

Choose Your Plan

Monthly Cost Downloads
One Month Subscription $9.99 Unlimited
12 Month Subscription $5.99 Unlimited
Free Trial Free 20

What's Included



Download as many loops as you like, whenever you like! Half the fun is trying a bunch of options out on your productions and seeing what makes it feel incredible. We won’t get in the way of that process. 

All the time!

We have already updated thousands of loops, and have many exciting releases coming up!


We wanted to make it completely risk free for you to get inside and see what we have built. No sneaky charges after 5 days or anything like that. 


Enjoy 20 free downloads of anything you like on us!

We do not currently offer this option.

All subscriptions are paid up front for the specified duration. 

It’s simple!
Choose your instrument
Choose your tempo
Choose your feel
Choose your pattern
Choose your microphone(s)/mix(s)

You also have the option of downloading full patterns with all the included microphones for some in depth sonic searching.

Once you download the WAV file(s), simply drag them into any DAW of your choice.

At a time when MIDI loops and quantized beats are the norm, we took the opposite approach. 

We didn’t want to create more sounds for you to sort through. We wanted to record the things that are impossible to program. 

A “drag and drop” solution to music makers biggest problem: “How can I make this FEEL better?”

Our loops are not “perfectly quantized”. They are all played and recorded by us, to retain that undeniable organic feel. 

It’s easy to make something quantized and robotic, but it’s nearly impossible to inject the human feel back in once it’s gone.

We let the loops do the talking. Need a slinky shaker playing 8th notes accenting in half-time at 113 BPM? We have that…and it feels incredible. 

Every loop is two bars long.
Two bar loops provide the best balance between a true human performance, and consistency.
24 bit – 48 KHz WAV files
Music is never ‘one size fits all’. Certain music has a “straight feel”, other music is swung, and some music is somewhere in-between (slinky). 


The intricacies are very different depending on which tempo and style you choose, therefore we recorded separate performances of all the patterns for each feel (at every tempo!). 


You are covered no matter what feel your music requires.
Depending on how busy your music/production is, you might not have a lot of sonic space in the mix. In these instances, a mono shaker might be the ticket.


However, if you want a drum kit to sound more realistic, you’ll probably want to use the stereo overhead mics for the hi hats rather than a single mono source. This gives a real sense of depth, space, and width that you can only achieve with a true stereo recording. 


Stereo shaker and tambourine? Well, it turns out they sound way cooler captured in stereo. There’s more detail, more sense of space, and you even get width with the side to side movement of the tambourine when it’s played. Of course we have the regular ‘mono’ sources as well, but it’s really fun to play with the stereo ones too. The option is yours.

A “swung” feel is when the first and third notes of a triplet are played. This can be heard in musical styles such as Jazz, Blues, and shuffle type feels.

A “slinky” feel (also known as ‘in the cracks,’ or ‘greasy’ etc.) is when the second eighth note (1-8) or second sixteen note (1-16) is played somewhere in-between a perfectly straight and perfectly swung note. 

Think of this feel as a combination of straight and swung mashed together.

Go pull up some J Dilla and let the slinkiness sink in 🙂 
We wanted users to have ultimate control over the sound quality in their applications, so we opted to give away the ‘raw’ mic recordings. Additionally there are some mixes for the tambourine and shakers if you want a quick ‘go to’ sound.


Between the various microphone options, it’s very easy to find a sound that suits your music. 


Try layering different microphone options for unique and original sounds.
The uses for these loops are almost endless.


Music producers may start with a loop enhancing their existing beat they are creating, or choose to layer in a percussion loop at the end of the production process for that final lift during the chorus.


We’ve seen musical directors using them for live tracks, or singer songwriters writing songs over a loop as a ‘groove’ idea. 


We’ve personally used the loops on every production we’ve ever done since having them. They are such an incredibly useful tool and we know they will save many people countless hours and inspire creativity.